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Decorative Artist, Illustrator and Fine Artist

Collector Dolls

Each of these high-end, one-of-a-kind costumed dolls featured on this page was lovingly designed, handsewn, and painted by Pamela Silin-Palmer and Nancy Sandberg © from 1994 through 1999. They were sold exclusively for a limited time through the designer showroom, Kneedler-Fauchere, San Francisco and Beverly Hills; Amen Wardy Boutiques, Colorado, and the great iconic store, Bergdorf-Goodman, 5th Avenue, N.Y. where they were presented for two Christmases [1995 and 1997] as full collections.
Boar King handmade, handpainted, silk doll for Bergdorf-Goodman Christmas Collection © Silin and Sandberg 1995
1996Pig1.JPG 1996Pig2.JPG
Pig Queen hand painted, hand made one of a kind silk doll for Bergdorf-Goodman Christmas collection © 1995 Silin and Sandberg
Blue Monkey © Silin and Sandberg 1995 Bergdorf-Goodman Christmas Collection
Amen Wardy Collection 1995 - Hound At Home © Silin and Sandberg
© 1995 - Box And Pig Prince Silin and Sanberg 1996
Bergdorf Goodman Xmas 1995 - Renaissance Monkey - Hand painted, hand made, one of a kind © Silin and Sandberg
Bergdorf Goodman Xmas 1995 - Bear hand made hand painted silk doll © Silin and Sandberg 1995
Bergdorf Goodman Xmas 1995 Cavalier Beagle © 1995 silin and Sandberg
Bergdorf Goodman Xmas 1997 - Pig Prince © Silin and Sandberg 95 one of a kind, hand painted, hand made silk doll
Bergdorf Goodman Xmas Collection 1995 - Pig Prince, Cavalier Beagle and Bear © Silin and Sandberg
Bergdore-GoodmanChristmasCollection1997 -4.JPG Bergdore-GoodmanChristmasCollection1997 1.JPG
Bergdore-GoodmanChristmasCollection1997 2.JPG Bergdore-GoodmanChristmasCollection1997 3.JPG
Bergdore Goodman Christmas Collection 1997 © Silin and Sandberg
Nancy Sandberg and Pamela Silin-Palmer with Renaissance Rabbit and Dog Doll © 1998 for Kneedler Fauchere, Los angeles
OldBoyCollectionHumptyDumpty 1.JPG
Renaissance hunter © Silin and Sandberg 1997 for Amen Wardy Boutiques
OldBoyCollectionHumptyDumpty 2.JPG
Old Boy Collection © Silin and Sandberg 1996
HandpaintedSlickHeadedCostumeDolls 1.JPG HandpaintedSlickHeadedCostumeDolls 2.JPG
Renaissance Rooster and Hunting Hound © Silin and Sandberg for Amen Wardy Boutiques Handpainted Silk Costume Dolls for Amen Wardy Boutiques 1998 Silin and Sandberg
1997Dolls 1.JPG 1997Dolls 2.JPG
Renaissance Bear and Rabbit © 1997 Silin and Sandberg
Bergdorf-Goodman, 5th Ave. NY, Christmas collection 1997 © Silin and Sandberg Hand made hand painted silk dolls
1997Dolls 3.JPG
Complete Bergdorf Goodman Christmas collection © 1997 copyright Silin and Sandberg
All silk, handpainted hand crafted dolls
HandpaintedSlickHeadedCostumeDolls 3.JPG
Old Boy / Humpty Dumpty [all silk handpainted handcrafted doll]
for Amen Wardy Boutique, Aspen Colorado © 1996 Silin and Sandberg
HandpaintedSlickHeadedCostumeDolls 4.JPG
Pig Prince no. 3 For Amen Wardy Boutique, Aspen Colorado © 1996 Silin and Sandberg
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